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Prestone Winter Bundle - PRE-WB03

Prestone De-Icer


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Prestone Screenwash 4L + Prestone Spray Can De-Icer 600ml + Mixra 500ml + Ice Scraper + FREE Mug

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Prestone Winter Bundle - PRE-WB03
Manufacturer: Prestone
Category: De-Icer
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Prestone Screenwash 4L + Prestone Spray Can De-Icer 600ml + Mixra 500ml + Ice Scraper + FREE Mug


Prestone Screenwash 4L + Prestone Spray Can De-Icer 600ml + Mixra 500ml + Ice Scraper + FREE Mug

Winter Bundle consisting of 1- Ice-Scraper + 1- Prestone Ready to Use Screenwash 4 Litre + Prestone Spray Can De-Icer 600ml + Mixra Wind Screen Cleaner 500ml + FREE Mug

Bundle Product Details

1) Prestone Ready To Use Screenwash works down to -10c (4 Litre). Contains Rain Guard to repel road spray and de-icer to remove light frost. Reduces dangerous refreeze.
Prestone All Season Screen Wash is specifically engineered to improve driving visibility all year round.

The High effective screen wash works in temperatures down to 10C ensuring visibility during thw coldest winter months. Using Hydrodynamic Technology Prestone Screen Wash leaves a reppellent film on the windscreen to help repel road spray which can contain damaging and visibility impairing salts, traffic film and road grime. In the height of summer Prestone Screen Wash continues to protect the windscreen by removing insect deposits leaving a smear free windscreen.

2) Prestone Can Spray De-Icer is made from a concentrated high-performance ice-melting formula that melts ice fast and helps reduce dangerous refreeze. Adjustable dual action trigger sprayer that fights frost and ice. Prestone windshield de-icer is designed to out-perform the other leading brands, also helps clean dirty windshields and is harmless to car finishes, ideal for cars parked outside at home or work

3) Ice Scraper Squeegee 6 in 1

This Squeegee and Ice Scraper with 6 different blades quickly removes snow, sludge, and ice, removes ice on frosty mornings, snow and sludge can be cleared away from windows and car lights.

4) Mixra Windscreen Cleaner 250ml

Mixra Foam Screen Cleaner has been specially developed to remove blinding traffic film grease, salt and insect deposits from the windscreen, lights, tinted, windows and mirrors. The powerful foaming agents start to act quickly as soon as they touch the glass to leave clean, non-glare visibility.

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