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Prestone Winter Bundle - PRE-WB015

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Prestone RM Antifreeze Coolant 1L + Trigger De-Icer 500ml X2 + FREE Mug

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Prestone Winter Bundle - PRE-WB015
Manufacturer: Prestone
Category: De-Icer
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Prestone RM Antifreeze Coolant 1L + Trigger De-Icer 500ml X2 + FREE Mug


Prestone RM Antifreeze Coolant 1L + Trigger De-Icer 500ml X2 + FREE Mug

Bundle Product Details
Prestone Coolant is the number 1 Coolant/Antifreeze in the US, and is the only one you need.

* Guaranteed for all cars
* Mixes with any colour of coolants
* Protection in all extremes from -37C to 129C
* Ready to use formula makes it easy for you to top up
* Concentrate also available
* 1L bottles have an easy pour spout which ensures no glugging
* Unique US formula Number 1 in the US and a world leader

Prestone Trigger and Spray Can De-Icer are made from a concentrated high-performance ice-melting formula that melts ice fast and helps reduce dangerous refreeze. Adjustable dual action trigger sprayer that fights frost and ice. Prestone windshield de-icer is designed to out-perform the other leading brands, also helps clean dirty windshields and is harmless to car finishes, ideal for cars parked outside at home or work.

Use in The Home on Cars,Vans, Caravans, Boats any GLASS for a Brilliant Shine

Works down to -36C freeze point for super quick de-icing. Dual spray patterns for all conditions. Works in Seconds Windows, Windscreens, Wipers and Headlights also Prevents Dangerous Refreeze.

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