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Castrol Universal 75w-90 Gear Oil - 1L

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Castrol Universal 75w-90 Gear Oil 1555B9 - 1L

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Castrol Universal 75w-90 Gear Oil - 1L
Manufacturer: Castrol
Category: Power Steering & Transmission Oil
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Castrol Universal 75w-90 Gear Oil 1555B9 - 1L


Castrol Universal 75w-90 Gear Oil 1555B9 - 1L

Specially designed with a low chlorine formulation, compatible with synchromesh with extra protection at extreme temperatures and high load protection. Universal Fluid for manual and axles.

Product Features
Castrol 150B65 Universal 75W-90 Semi Synthetic Gear Oil is multipurpose gear lubricant for use in both synchronised manual transmissions and final drives and differentials where either API GL-4 or API GL-5 are specified. A single product for transmissions and final drives reducing inventory and the potential for misapplication. High temperature stability gives superior performance and extended drain potential. Optimised synchroniser performance gives smooth gear shifting at all temperatures. Excellent wear protection extends component life and reduces maintenance costs.


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Additional Information

Volume1 Litre

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