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ArmorAll Shield Car Wax - 500ml

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Product description of ArmorAll Shield Car Wax - 500ml

Armor All Shield Car Wax 500ml

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ArmorAll Shield Car Wax - 500ml
Manufacturer: Armor All
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Armor All Shield Car Wax 500ml


Armor All Shield Car Wax 500ml

Even better than wax. Its protective shield prevents dirt and grime from sticking to your car. Once applied, each wash reactivates the protective shield to maintain shine and protection for up to 10 washes. Out Protects, Out Performs and Out Shines. Can be used on your Car, Bike, Motorcycle, Caravan, Motor home and carbon bicycle frames.

Claimed to repel dirt and grime from your paintwork at the same time as enabling the easy removal of bugs, tree sap, bird droppings and water spots. It is designed to reduce drying time by allowing the paint work to rinse to a shiny, near dry surface.

Free Sponge Applicator and Microfiber Cloth included
Brilliant Shine
Long lasting protection.
No drying time or hazing, easy on, easy off.
Can be applied in direct sunlight or cold temperatures.
Safe for all automotive finishes.


Last up to 10 washes guaranteed
Reactivate shine and protection after each wash.
Create an invisible non-stick protective shield.
Prevent dirt and grime from sticking to your car.
Allow easy removal of bugs and tree sap.
Deliver outstanding water beading protection.
Dramatically reduce washing and drying time the next time you wash for an effortless spot free shine.

Armor All Shield - FAQ
Q. What is so special and unique about Armor All Shield?
A. Conventional wax technology contains silicons and waxes (carnauba wax or artificial wax). Usually, these attract dust and dirt which stick to your car. Conversely, the breakthrough technology which we have in Armor All Shield:

Repels dust and dirt particles so they do not stick to the car's surface and will stay clean longer
Creates a protective barrier so that elements can't penetrate through the shield
Reactivates the protective shield after each wash to maintain shine and protection for up to 10 washes
Provides the best water beading protection compared to high-end competitors based on testing

That's why we think Armor All Shield is even better than a wax.
Q. Is the technology patent-pending?
A. Yes, the technical formula is patent-pending.
Q. Why can you use the product in direct sunlight?
A. Traditional waxes also contain solvents that when applied in direct sun, quickly evaporate, making it hard to buff the wax to uniform shine. Our formula does not evaporate quickly in direct sunlight, which makes it easier to simply wipe off to a uniform shine.
Q. Can you use the product on a wet surface?
A. Yes you can.
Q. What produces the white residue on cars and why doesn't Armor All Shield produce this or need to haze?
A. In conventional polish/wax, there is an abrasive and wax ingredients that cause a haze. Our new technology does not contain these abrasive and wax ingredients.

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