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ArmorAll Shield for Wheels 300ml

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Armor All Shield for Wheels 16300EN 300ml

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ArmorAll Shield for Wheels 300ml
Manufacturer: Armor All
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Armor All Shield for Wheels 16300EN 300ml


Armor All Shield for Wheels 16300EN 300ml

Repels brake dust road grime and dirt by forming a protective barrier on wheel and rims. Easy to build up and difficult to wash off brake dust has been the bane of beautiful shiny wheels since the invention of disc brakes. Simply spray on clean dry wheels to repel brake dust road grime and dirt. The invisible barrier lasts up to four weeks keeping your wheels clean from wash to wash.

Usage Directions
1. Make sure wheels are clean and dry.
2. Shake can well before use. Liberally spray product over entire wheel (rim). Do not touch wheel after application as this will remove the protection.
3. Allow to dry 1 hour. Dry time will vary with the temperature. The longer you let Armor All Wheel Protectant dry the better the protection will be. Recommended application in temperatures above 65F.

For Best Results:
For best results with Armor All Tire Shine products apply tire shine before applying Armor All Wheel Protectant. Remove any overspray from the wheel (or use a rag/applicator sponge to apply the tire shine.

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