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Shell Oils & Lubricants

Shell Engine Oil

Affordable Shell Engine Oil from Nielsen CDG
Shell Lubricants is the world's number one supplier of engine oil. And with a 70 year history of providing drivers and engineers with just what they need to keep their motors running smoothly, it's easy to see why.

Shell currently manufactures a wide selection of engine oil and other lubricants, including their synthetic high-performance lubricants. And Nielsen CDG stock and supply all of the best sellers from the Shell range!

So whether you're looking for Shell Helix Multigrade Engine Oil, Synthetic Racing Oil, or some of Shell's high performance brake and clutch fluid, you'll find it in our online shop at amazingly low trade prices!

Choose the Right Shell Engine Oil
Choosing the right engine oil can be a tricky prospect for many drivers, as the type, make and model of vehicle you drive all determine which type of oil you require. And when you consider how large the Shell engine oil range is, it'd be easy to get confused by the options on offer.

That's why Nielsen CDG provides a quick and easy online oil finder for you to use! Simply put in the details of your vehicle, and we'll do the rest!

And if you can't wait for first class shipping times, we'll save you money on next-day delivery too! No matter how much oil you've ordered, we'll make sure it's delivered to you the next working day from just £4.50 - meaning we're just as affordable, no matter how urgent your order!

Take advantage of our great prices and place your order now!