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ELF / MOTO Oils & Lubricants

Elf Engine Oil

Nielsen CDG also stocks a selection of Elf Engine Oil products as part of our extensive range. Developed and designed specifically for motorbikes, it's Elf's motorcycle engine oils and lubricants that are most popular with our clients, although Elf car and van oils and Elf transmission fluids are also widely used.

As with all of the ranges we stock, both our Total engine oil and Elf engine oil products are eligible for free first class shipping when your order is over £100 inc vat from our online store.

And for customers in a real hurry, we also offer competitively priced next-day delivery, which will cost you only £2.50 per order. When combined with our amazingly low trade prices, this discount delivery means that you'll be hard pushed to find lower priced oils delivered quicker than ours!

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